EPS Global Construction Service

Facility construction, bridges and road construction, seaport construction and housing estate development.

Oil and Gas Service

Supply of Diesel and Petrol (PMS), and Brokerage Services to the corporate orgazinations for production.

Serviced Apartments & Housing Scheme

We develop high rise serviced apartments for all purposes as well mass housing schemes for guaranteed off-takers.

Power Solution

We have solid relationship with technical and financial partners to provide gas such as CNG, LPG and Natural Gas.

Energy procurement system (EPS) global Procurement Services

EPS Global delivers the right materials and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success.Our procurement programs can assist with establishing and enhancing client operations, with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service. More...

Welcome to Energy procurement system (EPS) global Limited

EPS Global is an Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Power Supply Company with project experiences in Nigeria and United States of America. At EPS Global, we strive to continuously identify ways to create optimum value for any development or project.

Our Services




Electric generation through compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas for special services for power generating customers. More...


we have the knowledge and capacity to undertake any job, anywhere, with undaunted expertise. Over the years, We have worked with government agencies and corporate firms around the globe. More...